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Video marketing is always evolving, and it’s important to stay on top of new trends to make the most of your strategies. However, it’s not always easy to keep track of hundreds of video marketing blogs, videos, resources, and webinars to uncover the right guides. 

Even though there are thousands of voices out there, you can save yourself hours of research by monitoring the best of the best in video marketing. Here are 10 video marketing influencers you should be following to stay on top of the industry: 

  1. Joel Comm – Even though he’s largely focused on the cryptocurrency industry, Joel’s expertise with live video marketing on social media makes him a top choice. As live video on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat becomes the norm, having insider knowledge will give you an edge. 
  2. Scott Stratten – Scott has been one of the biggest voices in digital marketing for years with his UnMarketing brand. He has helped create some of the most viral videos in recent memory, and he’s a constant guest at companies like Walmart, Microsoft, and Pepsi. 
  3. Casey Neistat – As one of the first and biggest YouTube personalities, Casey Neistat knows the right way to market videos to realize the biggest reach. 
  4. Krishna De – Krishna’s social media offers several useful tools including video conversations with other experts, advice through her Twitter, and information on her home page. 
  5. David Murdico – David has long been one of the biggest names in video marketing thanks to his SuperCool Agency, and his twitter is full of examples, tips, and articles focused on improving your video strategy. 
  6. Tim Washer – Tim is the rare video marketing expert with experience in Hollywood’s writers’ rooms. His social media and articles are full of humorous, incisive, and smart tips to improve your marketing. 
  7. Tyler Lessard – Tyler is a veteran of the digital marketing world and offers great data-driven advice along with a peek into the video marketing world on his Twitter feed. 
  8. Phil Nottingham – As a video strategist and marketing expert, Phil provides in-depth analysis of video marketing, case studies, and tips on how to get ahead with your own strategies. 
  9. Mark Robertson – Although he is a video marketing expert, Mark’s twitter is full of great advice about broader marketing topics alongside humorous tweets and clever videos.  
  10. George B. Thomas – The head of Impulse Creative, George draws on his extensive experience across marketing fields, but he has a special place for video. His feed is full of fun and informative chats and articles that educate readers about specific and broad topics. 

These are just some of the top video marketing influencers we love to follow. Check out their social media to pick up some great strategies and tips, and start turning that knowledge into an awesome video marketing strategy.

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