Video has become a major priority for marketing teams across industries as companies rush to catch on to the latest and hottest trend.

The explosion of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others which highlight video content means that users are seeking accessible, more visually engaging content than ever before.

Most importantly, video is popular because it’s so effective.

As search engines, social media, and even your own consumers come to prize video over other content formats, it becomes harder to ignore the trend.

Even so, before you fully commit, it’s important to understand exactly why video is such an excellent marketing tool, and why having the proper video marketing resources can be a huge game changer.

The Power of Video Marketing

One of the most intriguing, and concerning, trends for marketers in recent years is the shrinking attention spans of many shoppers.

A recent study from Marketing Mag found that companies have, on average, 2.7 seconds to captivate their audiences.

Written content and even tools like Facebook posts or Twitter’s Tweets have value, but video can effectively communicate more in a few seconds than any written content.

If that weren’t enough, video is becoming one of the most common ways for individuals to consume media. For instance,

Companies like Blendtec, for instance, have taken advantage of videos’ viral quality, and use their products humorously to draw attention.

The company has managed to expand its YouTube channel’s user base to over 800,000 in a short span. Check out their most popular video here:

Baked NYC spent less than $100 shooting a series of stop-motion videos, and the results highlight the power of the medium. The company saw a 40% improvement in pie sales, a 68% increase in leads while the cost of their leads fell 30% per lead.

3 Reasons About The Importance of Video Marketing:

Video marketing has quickly shot past the “useful” stage to become a crucial component of companies’ marketing efforts, thereby making a useful video maker app an incredible resource for a fledgling business.  

From a greater emphasis on visuals to a much better track record with conversion, these are just some of the reasons why video is so vital for your marketing strategy:

  1. Improve ROI.
    • Content is the way of the future for marketing, but video content adds a dimension to your campaigns.
    • 83% of marketers surveyed by HubSpot in 2018 noted that video offered a good return on investment, an 11% improvement compared to a year earlier.
    • As opposed to traditional advertising, which has notoriously low ROIs, and even standard content marketing, video offers a lower cost and much higher ROI due to its viral and accessible nature.
  2. Social Media Users Prefer Video.
    • In addition to the astounding Facebook video statistics, other social media platforms have highlighted similar consumption trends.
    • Twitter reports that it currently garners 62% more views from video than standard posts, and Instagram has increasingly prioritized video distribution on its platform.
    • Even LinkedIn has entered the race with a pre-recorded video function.
  3. Google Likes Videos.
    • Although it’s hard to discern what goes into Google’s closely-guarded indexing algorithm, it’s clear that video carries weight.
    • Some studies have found that videos are 53 times more likely to be indexed on the first page of results.
    • For one, videos offer an excellent medium for increasing inbound linking (SEO Moz research shows that a blog post with video can gain three times more inbound links).
    • Moreover, they’re easily shareable, generating further clicks and gaining more prominence from Google’s perspective.

How You Can Get Started With Video Marketing For Your Business

Even if you don’t currently have a video strategy in place, getting started is easy.

There are a few important questions you should answer before embarking on your video strategy to help guide your efforts:

  1. Who is your target audience? Video is not just about the content, but who you are trying to reach. Understanding the target demographic and ideal viewers can help you craft better, more meaningful content that appeals to your audience.
  2. What is the best video format to communicate your business’ value? Not all videos are created equal. Shorter Instagram videos may be less useful for companies with complex products, but consumer goods outreach may benefit from quick, fun videos.
  3. How does video fit into your broader strategy? Video is outstanding, but not in isolation. Video must play a role in a bigger strategy depending on the objectives. Understanding how to leverage your video to enhance other areas, and vice versa, can give you an edge when designing your video strategy. Also, video duration is a factor to consider.

No matter your industry, video content can advance your marketing strategy, helping you construct a memorable brand and build a loyal user base.

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