Promo Video Makers: What, Why, & How

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As marketers, it can be difficult to determine the right style of video to gain the most from your budget.

While they’re great tools for driving engagement, longer videos tend to have a big problem—they’re not designed for quick, effective communication.

Instead, one of the more popular videos types for this fast-paced style is the promotional video.

Today, promos are incredibly popular since they can communicate ample information rapidly to even the most distracted viewer.

Keep reading to explore the ins, outs, and some great tips to choose the right promo video maker to deliver first-class results every time.  

What Are Promo Videos?

While it may seem like any short video can be a promo, or that any promo is an ad, there’s a little more that goes into this video format.

Promotional videos can definitely be advertisements, but the objectives can range from informing customers and simply showing off your cool products in a fun format to launching events or undertaking new initiatives.

Promo video makers are designed to make your life easier when producing a promo.

Instead of having to drop half your budget on editing, you can download a quick video maker app and use your smartphone’s amazing camera to do the trick.

With promo video makers, you can swiftly put together a great quality clip that highlights your best features and attributes.

Why Do I Need a Promo Video?

There are several excellent reasons behind why you should consider downloading a promo video maker and trying your own hand. Promo videos let you:

  • Make your brand relatable. Promos are a great way to highlight not just your products, but your team. Show your CEO talking passionately about your company or provide your employees with the chance to shine by giving a tour of your offices.
  • Give visitors something to draw them in. A short, engaging video can help set the tone and get viewers interested in what you’re selling.
  • Introduce your products in a fun way. Articles and ads are great for certain purposes, but video gives you a chance to really cut loose. Creating a fun demo can make it easier to sell a product or service and build more hype around it.

How Do I Make a Promo Video?

While you need a great concept and proper execution to make an awesome video, there are some ways you can make your life easier when filming.

  1. Have the right tools You don’t need a fancy camera or a $1,000 editing suite. Your smartphone’s camera is powerful enough, especially when used with great promo video makers like Swish, which lets you quickly edit and produce amazing video ads with pre-made or unique footage in under 3 minutes.
  2. Know what your goal is Promos aren’t necessarily sales-oriented, but you should know exactly what you’re going for. Having a goal in mind helps you make better decisions about the type of footage you need to capture.
  3. Keep it short and simplePromo videos are meant to be short, so get to the point, and make it a good one at that. Focus on the most important messaging and remove excessive explanations that can distract or detract from your goals.

Quick and Easy Promos

Making your promo video shouldn’t be a months-long process. Thanks to the awesome technology available on your phone, you can quickly film, edit, and post your promo videos in less than a day. The best part? You’ll still get amazing results if you’re simply using the right tools.

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