A Successful Vlog: How To Get Started

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If you visit YouTube today, you’ll likely find a long list of influencers, streamers, and just regular people who have lots to share with the world. What they all have in common, though, is thousands, and in some cases even millions, of subscribers.

You may be wondering how you can build a brand community on YouTube. Below, you can follow these steps and quickly be on your way to vlogging consistently:

Step 1: Know What you’re Talking About, And Who’s Listening

Your first step into the vlog life should be to determine what your interests are, and whether your target audience is interested in listening to them.  Defining your topic to suit your audience gives you the tone, style, and even the language that you can use to connect with your audience in your videos. is gives you the tone, style, and even the language you should be using in your videos.

Step 2: Build a Unique and Catchy Vlog Brand

Armed with the most epic concept, your next step is to build a brand. Unlike companies with products, the only thing you’re selling is YOU. 3 key things you should consider at this stage include:

  1. Your channel’s name, which should be unique but still related to your industry.
  2. Your logo, which should be simple enough to be easily understood in a small YouTube icon.
  3. Your internal branding for videos, which will be present any time you upload a video.

Most importantly, start building your brand on social media. Interact with other influencers, build your own audience by being active, and get the word out.

Step 3: Have the Right Equipment, and Practice With It

It always seems like YouTubers are streaming with their PCs’ computers and mics, but the truth is that you may have been misled.

While you can certainly start with those, the quality you need to show you’re serious is just not possible with built-in mic’s and videos.

You’d be surprised to know that they use their smartphones, which today can shoot and record in ultra high-quality. If you’re serious about your videos, you’ll need these 3 things:

  1. A fantastic smartphone with a great camera
  2. Good editing software that gives you full control over your final product such as Videoleap
  3. Lighting equipment, if you want to get crazy

Once you have your setup, become familiar with it, embrace the learning curve, and get started!

Step 5: Brainstorm Relevant, Fun Content

Everything so far has built up to this, but this is the key point.

Your vlog should have content that is fun, engaging, but most importantly, relevant to your audience.

Improvisation can be good sometimes, but you should never rely on it as your go-to when filming videos. Think about topics ahead of time, do your research, and have your vlogs planned out in advance. Of course, make sure to find the right time for publishing your YouTube videos.

Step 6: Profit

Once you’re set up, the only thing left to do is to start recording, posting, and growing your audience. become familiar with it, embrace the learning curve, and get started!

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