How to Get More Views for Your YouTube Business Channel on a Budget

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Small businesses are slowly but surely joining the YouTube revolution, but YouTube’s advertising plans can be pricier than what your typical small business can afford.

If cost is what’s holding you back from publishing videos on the platform, gaining views and moving up the YouTube ranks, you should know that there are other ways to boost views other than paying for them (or using YouTube-prohibited bots).

Ready to set your YouTube channel up to start capturing more subscribers? Here are our tips on how to get more views for your YouTube business channel, for free.

Make Quick, Engaging YouTube Video Ads

At the end of the day, a video is a short film that you want your audience to enjoy, no matter how they got there or what they’re hoping to get out of it.

Create quick, fun promo videos that can grab viewers attention quick, and think long and hard about the call(s) to action you want to add.

Take care to brand your channel and your videos themselves with your so that viewers immediately connect them with your small business.

No in-house graphic designer on-site and no budget for a freelance designer? No sweat. You can use video maker app Swish to insert your logo, add templates, add text in a specific font and add catchy music that will hook your viewers, and lead them back to your channel.

Create Added-Value YouTube Video Content

87% of YouTube users appreciate the platform’s ability to help them learn new things, while 80% of YouTubers watch a related video to help them making shopping decisions.

Whether you’re hoping to entertain or educate, part of your brainstorming process for your business’ videos should consider how much of your expertise your viewers are getting out of your video and whether it’s interesting enough to keep them engaged.

Invest in YouTube SEO

After its parent company, Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

With 300 videos uploaded to the platform per minute, you have to prioritize SEO if you want your video to be seen. There are a variety of keyword search tools that can help you get noticed by YouTube’s algorithms.

You can also use free tools like Answer The Public, a website that shows you what people are asking about your industry.

Whatever SEO practices you’re implementing on your channel, practice makes perfect.

You can and should check the performance statistics of each video to discern which SEO strategies are working and which are due for a tune-up.

Take Advantage of 3 Great Built-In YouTube Features

YouTube provides you with a bunch of innovative tools through which you can boost the number of views you’re getting from your video:

  1. Utilize playlists and enable the auto-play function to encourage your audience to view more of your videos without them having to take any action.
  2. Tagging helps new viewers find your video when they type in that keyword. You get up to 400 characters in total for your tags, so choose words that are central to your small business.
  3. Use your end screen to push specific calls-to-action that inspire more views by asking them to subscribe or keep watching.

Cross-Platform Pollination is Key

About 2 billion of us use YouTube on at least a monthly basis, but it’s important to remember that YouTube doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Make sure to add links in your video description to your website and other social media platforms to drive any YouTube traffic their way.

You should similarly include YouTube widgets on your website to direct traffic from your written content to your YouTube video content.

Stay Trendy

The astronomic rise of social media platforms like Pinterest have demonstrated the extent to which trends influence consumer opinion and behavior.

Stay up-to-date on your industry’s hot topics with Google’s intuitive Google Trends tool by typing in topics or words relating to your business.

You can also capitalize on pop culture or other trending topics by linking your business or products to them in your video.

Don’t Be a Stranger to your YouTube Channel Subscribers

You know what they say – out of sight, out of mind. Keep your small business’ YouTube channel ultra-relevant for your audience by posting frequently, sharing to your other social media platforms and commenting on other videos related to your field.

Keep Up with your Industry’s Kardashians

There’s no shame in checking out the competition and seeing which of their videos are bringing in the likes.

If you pay homage to the style and substance of winning videos you have a greater chance of the YouTube algorithm linking your videos with your rivals’ and assigning you a spot in the coveted “up next” side-bar when their videos play.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of YouTube Influencers

Consumers value the authenticity that influencers can bring to the table. Inviting an influencer to appear in your video as a guest is beneficial to both of your businesses, as each of you gets exposure with the other’s audience.

Your budget shouldn’t hold you back from growing your brand’s reach and your YouTube presence. Taking advantage of these (and other) free and quick strategies can help you build a larger audience, and continue providing the content your subscribers want.

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