How to Edit Videos on an iPhone — Like a Boss

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If you’ve seen any of the “Shot on the iPhone” ads (and you really should), you’ll know that the iPhone camera is capable of capturing truly beautiful images and videos.

Still, no matter how proud you are of your raw footage, there’s usually a long way to go before this material can become a refined video product that your audience will appreciate.

Luckily, Apple offers some really intuitive tools to make video editing a piece of cake.

There are also great external apps available to add zest to your videos that will attract more likes, shares and conversions.

Follow our guide below to get the hottest tips on how to edit your video content directly on your iPhone.

4 Tips on How to Cut and Edit Videos on an iPhone

  1. For basic edits, you don’t need to look further than the iPhone’s preinstalled Photo app. Once in Photos, hit the edit button.
  2. For trimming, hold on to either side of the timeline bar and pull it inward until the section you want to keep.
  3. Similarly, you can play around with the timeline to edit footage that was shot in slow motion on your iPhone to speed parts of it up.
  4. What’s especially nice about editing videos shot on the iPhone X is that they’re exceptional to begin with. The iPhone X camera incorporates new features including a widened aperture and optical stabilization to deliver vivid, colorful videos.

3 Great Tips on How to Edit Videos With iMovie on an iPhone

Apple’s step-by-step instructions for making the most of iMovie, its $5 movie editing app, will have you editing videos from your iPhone in no time.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some powerful edits you can make using iMovie on your iPhone:

  1. Not happy with one of the clips? Simply press on it, move it off the timeline, and watch it disappear.
  2. Add filters to your video with just a few taps: First on the clip you want to bring up the inspector bar, then on the filter icon.
  3. Ready to turn your video on its head? Find the clip you’re looking for in the timeline, extend your thumb and index finger, and rotate the clip right or left.

5 Tips on How to Edit Existing YouTube Videos on an iPhone:

Just because you’ve uploaded a video to YouTube doesn’t mean its text is set in stone.

In fact, it’s incredibly easy to make changes to the text settings of your published videos using the YouTube app on your iPhone.

  1. To make a title change, add some tags, or update your description, head to the library button within the YouTube app.
  2. Within the library folder you should see a “My Videos” section. Once you’ve pressed that, you’ll see all of the videos you’ve uploaded to this channel. Scroll through or use a keyword to search for the specific video you want to alter.
  3. Next to the video you’ll see a tilted ellipsis, which when tapped will open up a drop list.
  4. Select edit, then edit the title, tag or description box that will appear.
  5. Finally, hit the save button for your changes to be instantly implemented.

What is the best video editor for iPhone?

If you’ve just started to create video ads for your business, the sheer amount of iPhone video editing apps on the market can be overwhelming.

For best results, choose an app that offers great features but doesn’t compromise on ease-of-use.


  • Swish video maker app offers an incredibly intuitive interface that lets beginners do a lot of really cool things with their video ads.
  • You can brand your video with Swish by adding elements like logos, templates and a specific font so that your audience immediately connects the video with your business.
  • Swish also lets you unleash your inner special effects wizard with filters, fun soundtracks and eye-catching transitions that keep your business’s video ads memorable.
  • Need a little more time to practice shooting videos? You can simply browse Swish’s extensive library of stock footage to choose a clip that matches your branding and messaging.


  • If you’re more experienced with video editing tools, Enlight Videoleap is your ticket to creating spectacular video ads from within the iPhone itself.
  • Special effects such as pixelation and chromatic aberration, as well as a wide choice of sound effects lend a Hollywood mystique to your business’ video ads.
  • At the same time, using Enlight Videoleap empowers you to keep your videos professional-looking with color corrections and beautiful transitions.

iPhones, and especially the newer models, come with incredible cameras that give you really high definition shots. With the right tools, you can turn this raw footage into a catchy video ad that will have customers oohing, ahing, and buying.

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