Five of The Best Small Business Videos

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While the SMB promo videos of yesteryear may not have been outstanding, new technologies make it easier and more affordable than ever for small businesses to create stunning, inventive videos for social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Though not all of these videos achieved millions of views, we think they are original, professional, and serve as great examples for any SMB looking to just into video marketing.

Below are our picks for the top 5 SMB promo shoots:

1. Effortless Showcasing: Mollydooker Wines

In the world of wines, Australia’s family-owned Mollydooker Wines is known for their quirky design and flavorful vintages. Their “Visit Our Cellar Door” video is clearly shot by an amateur, and the editing isn’t 100% either.

However, all of this adds to the video’s charm, which shows people of all ages roaming the grounds and enjoying MollyDooker wine and produce. In a sense, the video’s lack of polish actually adds to the small business’ authenticity and community-friendly reputation.  

2. Clear, concise, fun: ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek is an ecommerce store that sells sci-fi, fantasy and tech-related apparel and merchandise.

Their “Welcome to ThinkGeek” promo shot blends a friendly voiceover with shots of people having fun with the site’s products.

In just 42 seconds and no overcomplicated camera-work, the company does a great job of highlighting their specialized wares and inviting viewers to join their geek community.

3. Making the News their Own: The Cow and the Curd

Nothing says small business like local food trucks, and one Philedalphia food truck really nailed their promotional video.

At just 1:35 seconds long, the video is mostly a collage of local news crews interviewing the owner and sampling the truck’s deep-fried cheese curds, interspersed with locals queuing for and praising the food.

In a video that could easily have been made with simple editing tools and a smartphone, The Cow and the Curd quickly establishes who they are, how good they are, and provides a compelling sensory prompt to check out them out.

4. Selling the Lifestyle: SweetWater Brewing Company

The beer market can feel overcrowded, with global heavyweights and microbrewers trying to float above the noise.

SweetWater Brewing Company does just that with shots of people swimming and enjoying beer, as a voiceover explains the company’s dedication to using high-quality water.

In just 50 seconds, the brand successfully equates their beer with lazy Sunday afternoons and good times.

5. What Are The Features and Differences Between Bosch Dishwashers? Yale Appliance

Yale Appliance is a small business who kept their video marketing plan quite simple, but effective.

They produced a number of very basic and easy to digest explainer videos, which reviewed the pros and cons of many appliances which they sell.

Their videos are relatively easy for any other small business owner to edit and produce and hopefully increase their online visibility.

And if you’re inspired by what you’ve seen here, then you too can get started with professional video creation: Swish Video App is an easy to use video maker app which can help you produce stunning, professional videos for your small biz.

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