5 Best Video Editing Mobile Apps for Beginners

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It’s not uncommon today to browse Instagram and see a video ad for a brand you love that completely wows you.

From the quality to the sleek editing, you’re impressed and a little jealous that you can’t make your brand’s videos look that cool.

But, really? You shouldn’t feel jealous.

One of the other benefits of the smartphone revolution is the number of apps that can help you quickly capture and edit videos that impress your audiences and make you look like a savvy marketeer.

Below we list our favorite video editing mobile apps which we believe can help you start generating eye-catching content for your social media accounts, regardless of your skill level!

The 5 Best Video Editing Mobile Apps for Beginners to Start Using Immediately:

1. Enlight Videoleap

  • This handy editing app from Enlight is a great way to spruce up your videos and give them that personal feel.
  • Videoleap helps you easily create transitions between different scenes and clips while simplifying the addition of animations, filters, and special effects.
  • You can also edit frame by frame thanks to its timeline feature for greater control.
  • One of the coolest features Videoleap delivers is its Mixer, which lets you add images and other videos to your clips to produce something completely unexpected.

2. Enlight Pixaloop

  • Gifs and “Boomerangs” are a new way of life for many social media users, and dynamic images are quickly joining that list.
  • Pixaloop, also by Enlight, helps you animate static images taken from your gallery to give them more a dynamic, lifelike feel.
  • With its “Animate” feature, you can enliven different aspects of your image with a few taps and add more flair with different camera effects, overlays, different loop modes, and other great features.

3. Life Lapse

  • Stop motion is an awesome concept that can be a nightmare to execute—if you don’t have the right tools on hand.
  • Life Lapse is designed specifically to help with that challenge, giving you the ability to make stop motion animations and time lapse videos.
  • You can rapidly go from frame to frame with “ghost” images that help you align shots, add filters to your videos, set your camera on a timer to simplify the process, and even re-align images you’ve already captured.
  • All in all, the app can make stop motion feel effortless and much more fun.

4. Stop Motion Studio

  • This is another quick and straightforward stop motion video maker, though it has a slightly higher learning curve.
  • The app gives you excellent control when making your videos by showing all your pictures in chronological order much like frames in a film, presenting an “onion” view that imposes the previous image into your camera to take a better shot, and built-in sound effects to give your videos more excitement.
  • You can even use the app to paint directly on any shot you want, adding fun touches to existing images for a better result.

What About Short Social Media Ads?

5. Swish Video App

  • These editing apps seem specialized, but sometimes you just need a quick, efficient app to help you produce great-quality videos for your social media channels.
  • For the best results, you should check out Swish’s video maker app to create, edit, fine-tune, and upload professional-grade video ads in as little as three minutes.
  • You can use your own clips or choose from pre-made ones, add messages, change colors, and make each ad you post truly your own.  

Easily Edit Your Best Video in Seconds

No matter what type of video you want to produce, these capable mobile apps can kickstart your efforts.

Make the most out of any clip you post online to let the world experience your one-of-a-kind brand of creativity!

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